We are the Craftsmen™


We are the Craftsmen™


We wouldn’t blame you if you thought all it takes to make a cabinet is a tape measure, a saw, glue, fasteners and something that looks like wood. But that would not be a We Are The Craftsmen™ brand cabinet.

The process of properly measuring, designing, crafting and delivering a Real Wood™ set of cabinets for your home requires years of experience, millions of dollars in equipment and a commitment to customer service and quality. It’s not the easy way but it is the best way. It’s also a healthier way.

The kind of components in your cabinets directly affects the quality of your indoor air. We Are The Craftsmen cabinets are not built with particle board, which off-gases Formaldehyde and other harmful VOCs. Particle board is a cheap, inferior product not designed to resist water and other elements that are common in kitchens and baths.

The EPA says at least 50% of all ailments can be traced to poor indoor air quality. That’s why we build Healthy Home Certified® cabinets Made In The USA® (ask your sales representative or builder for additional information on which types of wood qualify for this designation).

A quality cabinet that lasts a lifetime can’t be built by anyone but craftsmen (men and women). And the quality of that investment is on display in your home like a fine work of art. The quality speaks for itself and the We Are The Craftsmen brand makes you part of the design process from start to finish, using the latest technology to insure you get exactly what you want.


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