Timber Craft™

Timber Craft™

New for 2022 is a premium quality product line called Timber Craft™. For home owners and General Contractors alike that demand the very best quality in the marketplace should look no further than the Timber Craft™ offerings of Surfaced Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, as well as elite Custom Closet Solutions. With over a quarter century of craftsman ship experience producing this truly innovative offering as a completely finished product upon delivery and requires no additional work once installed. From design to installation and all the customer service in-between the Timber Craft line is top-tier, the very best the industry has to offer.

Timber Craft™ begins with the innovative surfacing solution called FENIX. Fenix represents an elegant choice that combines performance and aesthetics. Fingerprint resistant, low light reflectivity, soft to the touch, matte in color palette, non-porous and extremely durable. Fenix surfaces are ideal for the kitchen, the bathroom, or for any custom furniture pieces like tables and book shelves. Fenix surfaces are long-lasting, and superficial scratches from daily use can be thermally repaired. FENIX offers over 24 different colors to match your project vision.

Timber Craft™ utilized the very best materials for its foundation but that is just the beginning. We top it all off with the best deal on quartz custom countertops in the state of Oklahoma. We also offer an excellent selection of Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite providing our customers with a completely customizable product. Timber Craft™ cabinets come standard with concealed soft close hinges as well as metal, concealed, soft close rail guides representing a standard of high quality and durable performance.


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